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Treadmill v Elliptical Trainer

The Elliptical Trainer According to most health professionals, the elliptical is a very effective cardio machine for those who have joint problems.  As your feet remain on the pedals, the machine provides low impact exercise, ie: is much less stressful on the entire body versus running on the treadmill.  Some machines have moving handles that give an upper body workout as well.  Ellipticals also allow you to pedal forward, or backward, changing the focus on […]

Vintage Pacemaster still going strong

I have had a Pacemaster Treadmill since 1990 and it works just as great today as it did when I bought it. Also had many years of wonderful performance

request quotation

Dear Sir, Please kindly quote your best price BEFORE 19.05.2016 ITEM 1 Item long text: Item: Treadmill Brand: Nordic Track Model: X11i Incline

Solid, reliable home treadmill???

Hi: We bought an expensive ($4100) True 550HRCO in 2005. It works well enough, but will occasionally stop abruptly (circuit breaker on the unit trips)

ProPlus ProPlus II

I have an old ProPlus ProPlus II Something is wrong with the either the upper control display box OR the PC board in the bottom that drives the Tread

terrible customer service

The cushion deck is great, but customer service is terrible. So if you get a defective treadmill, you are basically screwed. I wish we never upgraded.

reebok v4500 impact absortion

I do like this model tread we have used and never had any problems with it it works great but it does weigh a lot and you need two people to move it that’s

110 or 230 volt folding treadmills

Hi, I’m trying to find a good folding treadmill from a a supplier that will ship to Saipan. I had to cancel a order for a Kettler model when I realized

inherited a treadmill….

and the top speed is about 1mph. I paid for a gym repair tech to come perform a tune-up, hoping that would resolve the problem. However, it did not.

Brand New Evo fx2 for Sale

Hey, I have been trying to sell my Evo fx2 which is in like new shape but twice now I have been told they read your review which told them not to buy

Weslo Cadence 860 is working fine

We have had ours for a while also at least 5 years or more and the thing still runs at full speed. my wife is on it and walking and running for 1 or