Plug keeps coming off the treadmill with more intense speed. It is ok if you are using it at 7kph or below. But once you hit 8kph, and above you won’t

Hebb Trimline 7200-1

Searching for help and stumbled across your page. I TOTALLY agree on the Trimline 7200. Mine’s from 2000 and has finally developed an electrical problem

Horizon Fitness TSC2 treadmill

We have had this model for years, and it has worked great and been very reliable. Easy to use. At one point after several years, the belt started

7.1 hr Pro Power folding treadmill

My safety key does not stay in the treadmill. I realize this treadmill is discontinued but I am also hoping you can give me some advise as to why the

Cardio Mode

My 8700SST is about 25 years old and gets daily use in the cardio mode. My problem is that the sampling rate is too slow, about every 15 seconds, so

my endurance treadmill

i have had my endurance treadmill for 2 years and i must say its the best one i have ever owned – its reliable, quiet to use the the cushioning for running

True 500A P – Safety Key (stick)

How do I go about getting a new key, so I can run my True 500?

treadmill motor repair or replacement for Smooth brand treadmill model 6.17

Hi, I have a Smooth brand treadmill in a model that is not even listed on many sites, that being 6.17 and trying to decide on a course of action. The

needs incline motor and gear box – pacemaster pro select

We have the pacemaster pro select. It has been a great unit. 14 years old. The incline gear box has packed it in and we need a replacement part. Ser#

Manual for a Life Fitness Treadmill T3-5

Where can I located/purchase a manual for a Life Fitness Treadmill T3-5?